Summer Fashion 2016: The Best Summer Designer Collections

The fashion world is always looking ahead, and right now it’s all about Spring/Summer 2016.

When the sun comes out, you’ll want to stay cool and add a dash of summer style to your look. Whether you’re heading to the beach or simply want to make a summery expression in the office, here are some of the best designer collections to check out for the season ahead…

Summer Fashion 2016: Bambah

Bambah is a growing fashion house that has found favour amongst the likes of Amal Clooney, Emilia Fox and KayleyCouco – and we think you’ll just love their Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Featuring emerald taffeta, big bows, feminine lace and bold, bright materials in abundance, the new collection from Bambah is just absolutely perfect for summer.

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Summer Fashion 2016: Raoul

The SS16 collection from Raoul aims to draw you into a peaceful fruit garden, with a sea of color and shapes that instantly make you feel in touch with nature. If summer is all about being inspired by the beauty of the outdoors, this is the perfect collection for the season ahead. We think you’ll love the beautiful summery colors and elegant shapes that are sure to make this a popular collection around the world.

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Summer Fashion 2016: Diane Von Furstenberg Fortuna Collection

A celebration of life, fashion and all things beautiful: that’s what the SS16 Fortuna collection from renowned designer Diane Von Furstenberg is all about. With designs featuring bright colors, exciting mixed prints and relaxed cuts, we think this is a collection that’s just a perfect fit for the free-spirited nature of summer.

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Summer Fashion 2016: Rag&Bone

If you’re into urban cool, the SS16 collection from Rag & Bone is just made for you. Featuring relaxed cuts and contrasting colors, this is a collection that’s a little different to what many other houses are offering and somehow manages to blur the lines between feminine and masculine styles. Airfare-inspired bombers, cargo pants and jumpsuits are some of the key pieces here.

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More styles for Spring/Summer 2016

Thinking ahead to the new season is always an exciting time – and the good news is that there are tons of absolutely stunning Spring/Summer 2016 collections out there for you to choose from. No matter what tastes or style preferences you have, you’re sure to find something to your liking…

If none of the above collections hit the spot – or if you just want to explore other ideas, keep a close eye on the Shoestova Style and Inspiration category for regular updates from the world of fashion. You’re sure to find something that floats your boat and gets you in that summery mood… Bring on the sunshine!


What is BIN and need for BIN CHECKER?

In today’s life, everyone does shopping online and pays via debit card or credit card. There is chance for fraud while transferring online money for shopping. Any hacker hacks your debit card or credit card details and use for their benefit. You can save yourself from this fraud and all online shopping companies check your card details either you are real customer or not. Your card details will be checked using BIN checker tool. BIN is a Bank identification Number placed on debit card, credit card, value cards, gift cards or on any other cards.

First 6 digits from 16 digits of your card will be used for checking your card details. BIN checker tool tells you about all info like brand name of card, validity of card, and country in which card issued, and your card is issued by any institution or bank. Bank Identification Number is now known as issuer Identification Number (IIN). BIN is 6 digit unique number on your card which does not match any other card’s number. If you want to save from yourself any type of fraud, companies use the bin checker tool that tells company about your card details and searching will be on huge database.

Sometimes chances are that info about your card detail is not correct but it may be accurate. BIN checker tool is developed in such a manner that tool is user friendly and economically for all users.

If you are a card holder and want to check your card details, you have to check any of above given sites. Steps for checking your card details:

  • Go to any above mentioned sites.
  • There you will see a form for entering first 6 card digits.
  • Enter first 6 digits of card in form and click on “submit” button.
  • All necessary info about your card will be there.

You can also find some card’s brand name by their starting digits. Remember following points:

  • Visa bin list- card number starts with a4.
  • JCB bin list- 35 is starting number on JCB card.
  • Master card bin list- card range will be 51 through 55.
  • Diners bin list- card number starting range may be 300 through 305, 36 or 38.
  • Amex bin list- a 37 is starting card number for Amex cards.

If you want all card details that are valid among all over world, you must visit . In this page, you will get all card’s first 6 digit number according to alphabets.

In past years, bin checker is available to only some authenticated users. No one can use them. But, now every small business may use bin checker which is available online to free from any kind of fraud. There have been lots of cases that vendors have done wrong purchases and result has to face for customers. If you have any doubt regarding any purchase, first contact to your bank,


How To Find Proper Kids Entertainers For Your Next Kid’s Party

There are many reasons why popular kids entertainers are highly sought after by parents everywhere. This is because for the people who are hired to do their job and if they do it very well, then they literally guarantee the success of the party by themselves. However, how do you even get started on finding these great people? Well, read on.

1)  Plan what you Want from the Kids Entertainers

To facilitate the process of getting you to your kids entertainers faster you should start thinking about what sort of services you would expect from them so that when you eventually do get to them, you will be able to communicate what you want immediately. It is also important to communicate with your child on the sort of activities or performances that they would like to have at their party.

2)  Starting the Search is Easy

Now that you have the specifications of what to expect out of the kids entertainers and what they would be doing at your next child’s party, then you will now be ready to begin your search for the best kids entertainers for your cause.

The best way to start off your search is to go online and perform a search on any available search engines. Now that the internet is so readily accessible to so many people, it is so much easier to look out for companies that can provide kids entertainers who can help to entertain the children on your behalf.

3)  Help them Plan for the Activities

Now that you have found the right kids entertainers that you want to have entertaining at your next child’s party, you can actually control the sort of entertainment that you want to be had in your party. For example you should think about the activities that you want at the party and then discussing with the kids entertainers.

They will be able to guide you accordingly simply because they will have more experience and knowledge than you when it comes to entertaining children. They will be able to provide insight such as whether the events or activities you want are possible to be held at the event or not.

4)  Make sure you are aware of what you are paying for

Ensuring that you know exactly what you are paying for based on the services provided by the kids entertainers will go a long way towards helping you save some money. Never agree to pay for stuff that you don’t actually want to use or have at the party.


Mascara to make you party ready

Makeup is the most important accessory for enhancing the beauty of a woman. Every woman applies makeup in the desired amount according to the event so that she looks beautiful all the time. There are many beauty products which are included in the makeup kit. Eye makeup is an important part of the overall makeup; it is believed that your eyes perfectly represent your personality. If you want to make your eyes look beautiful, there are many eye makeup products like eyeliner, eye shadow, eye pencil and eye mascara. There are various eye styles; it can be from the cat eyes or the smoky eyes.

Water proof mascara is the first choice of women as these are smudge free and can last long. They are absolutely perfect for the working ladies and if you are going for the party for long hours. If you are searching for the mascara in the market then you will find hundreds of brands of eye mascara. Before buying you should check the ingredients of the mascara so that your eyes remain safe and beautiful. You can also read the trending youniquemascara reviews for buying the best one.

Ingredients of the natural mascara

 The ingredients of the natural mascara include:

  • Natural fibers: Including carbon black, aloevera gel, Vitamin E, essential oil extracts
  • Bee wax: It is used in main mascara due to its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties
  • Iron oxide: It is used to give the intense black color to the mascara
  • Carnauba: It is used as the preservative in mascara
  • Stearic acid: It is the binder which makes the  mascara voluminous
  • Acrylates copolymers: It is used for making the delicate eye skin softer and smoother after applying mascara
  • Water: It hydrates skin and is used to make the solution of the other ingredients put in making mascara.

The chemical based mascara can harm your eyes while the mascara containing natural ingredients are safe to use.