Handy Looks at Warning Signs You Are Not Ready for Love


According to Handy, being in a relationship can be a beautiful feeling. It changes your perspective towards the panorama of life. At the same time, it is important to realize whether or not you are ready for a serious relationship. Good timing matters a lot towards maintaining a healthy bond with your loved one. It’s important to give yourself some time before you commit.

The Warning Signs

Given below are a few warning signs that you should look out for as these can justify whether you are ready for love:

  1. You are not happy – Being in a happy space is of paramount importance if you wish to spread happiness in your relationship. If because of any reason whatsoever, you are not comfortable with your job, your health or your finances, it is a good idea to work on it first. Rushing into a relationship at such a point in your life can adversely affect the beauty of your alliance.
  2. Your ex is still on your mind – Sometimes, a past break-up is still raw in your mind and you are finding it difficult to let it go. Seeing your ex with someone else makes you angry or jealous and you find it difficult to make peace with the fact that you two are no longer a couple. In such a situation you are not ready for inviting someone new into your life. You have to first let go of the past before seeking a future with another person.
  3. You are not being your own self – There are times when in order to impress your partner, you are not being your real self. If this continues after a couple of dates, it means you are not ready for a relationship with the person. Sooner or later you will show your real side to your date and then things might not be the same. If the person likes you for what you are, only then you are ready for love and being with them.
  4. You have just broken up – When a long relationship has just ended, you are in a state of shock and misery. It is common to see people rush into another just as a rebound. In such circumstances, all you need is a little reassurance that your breakup doesn’t hurt anymore. This act of hastiness to find solace with another partner does not do any good. Give your heart some time to heal before jumping into a new relationship.
  5. You are not ready to commit – If the idea of being with a single person for the rest of your life scares you then you are definitely not ready for love. You should be completely comfortable in your relationship for being able to experience true love. If you fear to commit yourself to your partner, then you should understand that this is not the right time for you. Enjoy your single status while it lasts.


Handy feels that being in a serious relationship makes you a happier and better person. If you show signs that you are not ready for it, it is best to give some time to yourself before you embark on a new journey.


A HUGE disaster in translation and How we Fixed it

This content aims to warn you about the possible dangers of the various translation services out there.

See, what happened is that last week someone emailed me about their disaster. They were from a big company whose name will be anonymous for security reasons. I can only tell you they were in the technology niche.

So, what was the problem?

They were going to launch a new product. And the launch would be worldwide. Hence, they needed their product’s descriptions to be in many different languages.

So what did they do? They hired a translation agency for the job. And the agency did “A job”… Problem was, they had a few translators who were in no experts in the technology niche. The translations were sloppy, unprofessional, and frankly, bad.

So that company was staring at a disastrous launch of a new product without it being properly translated. They’d lose a TON of sales, not to mention the hit to their brand recognition (I mean who’d want to buy anything from a brand that can’t put 2 sentences together, am I right?).

And that’s where a professional translation company dubai come in.

For one, a professional translation company must focus on a plethora of services. Among those you can find:

– Your normal, usual translation. Just getting words from one paper to another in a different language

– Legal Translation. Because some documents can’t be translated by everyone, these need qualified experts

– Proofreading. Since even the greatest minds need a few edits.

– Interpretation. For when you’re speaking to a foreign audience.

– And many more similar services.

What’s more?

They must have a big team of translators with specialization in every field. All of them must be experts in various fields and niches.

After the disaster with the other translating agency, they came to us, soliciting help. Of course, we wouldn’t let them down. The problem was that they didn’t want to blindly trust anyone  anymore. So, we made a deal:

We got the first few pages from their copy and gave it to our translators that have experience in the technology niche. We came back to them with 5 samples of different translations. One to French, one to Japanese, one to German, one to Swedish, and one to Russian.

They loved it. They picked 2 of the translators and we booked the full project of over 350 pages. I gave it to my translators and they worked their magic to produce translations. These would then go on to become the end products people around the world read.

And that’s how we saved the product launch from a disastrous start.

So, that’s exactly what we offer. Professionally translated documents done by experts in the appropriate field. And if you’re looking to save yourself from bad investments on poor translating services, then head over to our website and look around.


2020 Aries Horoscope

About Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first astrological sign of zodiac family and is known as of Fire element ruled by Mars and having compatibility traits with zodiac signs such as Libra and Leo. Passionate, free-prone and trailblazer, Aries personalities are born with the tendency of going against the crowd, as they are adherent to the commitment for the task at hand in a manner which may not follow the trodden path. They are loyal, smart and dedicated to the impulsiveness of their deeds and line up with the dream of their life for its successful accomplishment through hard works and persistence.

Aries Physical Attributes

Aries natives are determined and confident at their own undertakings and follow the same relentlessly until they are satisfied with the works at hands. They are also courageous and born with the trait of looking into brighter side of things, as well as being passionate to bring their dream into actuality with hard works and persistence. They have also some weaker traits, one of them being shot-tempered at things that blow their top. They also demonstrate impatience at certain occasions resulting in spoiling the works that they are supposed to do with perfection. The conduct of aggressiveness is one of the weak points as analyzed in the personality trait of Aries natives.

Aries Mental Attributes

Aries natives ooze with self-confidence mental attribute which is one of the notable traits making them a true fit for leadership job, as it augments their personality aura a befitting individuality. They are full of positive energy and creativity, some of the mental attributes endorsing their individuality as great and worth inspiring of. They are also driven to mental attribute of impulsiveness and attention-seeking guy, something that may cause hindrance in their life in achieving a set goal.

Aries Zodiac Sign and 2020 predictions

2020 predictions for aries zodiac sign as provided by our erudite astrologer include the details associated with the results of planetary transits as reflected in their horoscope. The same is interpreted by our expert astrologer through deep astrological study, thus offering relevant guidance about what needs to be done in order to manage the events or circumstances for the year 2020. Predictions could range giving you guidance for your marital or career or even for your business, or whatever endeavor you have chosen for your life and its fated results in the upcoming year of 2020. Predictions are done with precise accuracy so that you get the best and most appropriate recommendations for easing out your situations in the year 2020.

Planetary Influences on Aries in 2020

Aries natives are ruled by planet Mars which is going to have its planetary impacts in the life of Aries based on the nature and as reflected in the horoscope of the native. Planetary influences will cast their results in your career, education, marriage or in your business, or whatever endeavor you have chosen. This means having your horoscope fully analyzed for proper guidance and understanding of your planetary influences and their results for the year 2020.

Importance of New Year 2020 Horoscope Predictions For Aries Zodiac Sign

If you choose 2020 yearly horoscope prediction, you will get better understanding of planetary influences and their individual results in your life. In this way, the guidance provided you in advance will come handy for you to be able to manage your life’s different activities in a better and confident way. Based on thoughtful study of your horoscope and interpretations made thereupon, you are offered recommendations and remedial measures aiming to ease out your situations well.


Aries is the first sign of zodiac family having personality attributes of both positive and some negative. The year 2020 is going to bring some changes to the native’s life, thus warranting the need for having your 2020 Aries yearly horoscope analyzed by our erudite astrologer to make your 2020 blissful for your growth and prosperity.