DIA- AI Backed Chatbot From HDFC ERGO For Better Customer Experience

With the rise in the popularity of AI-powered chatbots, more and more companies are incorporating this feature into their business. The latest to join this platform is none other than HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company. Recently, HDFC ERGO recently made an announcement about the launch of its AI-enabled chatbot, and they have named it as ‘DIA’. This chatbot is available on Alexa. Yes, we are talking about Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

The main purpose of the launch of DIA is to enhance the customer experience. The presence of 24×7 customer assistance will surely provide a better experience to the existing and new customers of HDFC ERGO. It is expected that DIA will help HDFC ERGO in addressing the customers’ queries in a much better way. It is quite true that voice-based search service is going to be the next big thing for the IT world.

How DIA can prove beneficial for HDFC ERGO and its customers?

When it comes to interacting with a chatbot, customers usually feel more comfortable when voice commands are used. Getting information about the insurance policies and their details through DIA will provide a better experience to the customers. DIA will ensure the availability of instant responses to the questions that are asked by the existing and interested customers.

As the market is getting more and more competitive, it has become essential for business leaders like HDFC EGRO to upgrade their services in an innovative way. No doubt, redefining the user experience is the key aspect here. It is absolutely true that the way we humans communicate with technology is soon going to change. Voice commands based search is going to gain more momentum in the days to come. This is the reason why Amazon is getting a lot of positive response for its innovation called Alexa.

During the press conference, one of the spokesperson from HDFC ERGO explained how customers will be able to use DIA. Customers who already have an Amazon Echo device will be able to get access to the voice control services provided by the company. As a customer of HDFC ERGO, all you have to do is download the mobile app of Amazon Alexa and enable the “HDFC ERGO” feature.

Among the many benefits that customers can avail through DIA, one of them is related to the ease of finding the nearest ERGO branches, network garage, and network hospital. Those who are not acquainted with the products of HDFC ERGO, too will find this new concept to be quite helpful. Understanding the products and services offered by HDFC ERGO will turn out to be easier for the potential and existing customers.

In the field of general insurance, customers often have plenty of queries. Most of the questions are related to the amount of time required for processing claims. In addition, a lot of customers also want to know about the renewal process of their insurance policy. Likewise, there are many technical terms in the field of general insurance that can be difficult for a common person to understand. Fortunately, the advancement of voice enabled conversations will bring in more convenience to the customers. Text based answers do not prove to be as effective and friendly as the voice enabled conversations.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the DIA from HDFC ERGO incorporates one more effective aspect. If a customer wants to get a copy of his/her policy, all he/she has to do is use a simple voice command. All you need to say is “Please send me a copy of my policy”. So, these new advancements are sure to bring in more transparency, comfort, and agility to the customers.

In fact, it is more effective for users with disability. Users who find it difficult to move their hands or reading is not an easy task for them, they will find DIA to be very much helpful for sure. Getting an instant answer with the help of voice commands is something more and more customers will look forward to. For this reason, it is definitely expected that DIA and other such upcoming applications are going to be a huge hit among the online audience.