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Can we use Air Cooler without Water?

The room cooler has the function of reducing the room temperature by transferring an air stream through a filter. That is, it cools the air through the evaporation of water causing a natural cooling sensation. Furthermore, air conditioning extracts heat from the air, using refrigerant gases in the process. An air cooler can usually reduce the temperature by up to 10 ° C, relative to the outside temperature. The temperature that can be reached with the air conditioning will depend on its configuration, and can only be used in closed environments.

Therefore, both systems work differently and as a result, they can be best for your home according to your needs. An air conditioner could be consuming at least 5% on the monthly energy bill, while the air cooler consumes 80% less energy than the air conditioning. The air cooler greatly reduces the electricity bill, but you should always take into account the costs of the water you use. The water consumption of an air cooler will depend on the model and manufacturer. The air cooler can be in open spaces, and its use requires open windows and ventilated places. However, it is also recommended that the equipment be outside your home, to avoid saturation by humidity of the air, and increasing its efficiency.

In this case, the air conditioning is ideal for all types of climates, as long as a reduction in the ambient temperature is required, while the cooler is not. If you want to buy an air cooler, you must have the precise weather conditions. An air cooler is recommended whenever the climate where it is going to be located is extremely dry and hot. In other words, arid climates are perfect for using an air cooler, but if you live in a hot but coastal climate, then it isn’t. If a room cooler is used in a very humid climate (even if the temperature is hot), the effect this would have would be almost nil.

Principle of Air Coolers

Evaporative cooling is a completely natural way to produce refreshing cold air. Evaporative or natural cooling provides high quality cooling while generally only using a quarter of the energy and money to operate. Air conditioning equipment can waste a lot of energy and money and still not supply the required comfortable temperatures.

Evaporative cooling makes up Air Distribution Systems in the best air cooler in India that deliver fresh and cold air to supply entire buildings or cool specific points at a low cost of installation and up to a tenth of the operating costs of air conditioning units, therefore that Evaporative Coolers are truly a Low Cost cooling system. So if we talk about if we can use Air Cooler (which works on the principle of evaporation) without water, then answer is yes. We can use an air cooler without water by switching the water pump inside the cooler water tank to pump the water to the membranes. But the thing is that it will work without the evaporation and simply provide the blow of normal air similar to a ceiling fan. If there is not such hot days, you can use it without water undoubtedly.


Guide: How to pick the right pipe for a fantastic smoking experience

There are many people who visit a pipe shop and choose the best one only on the basis of how it looks. But this is not the right way to choose Stanwell pipes or any other smoking pipe. When you see some expert pipe smokers analyzing a piece of pipe in the shop, you might have wondered; what are the parameters on which people consider a pipe. Is it just their shape, size, and color?

Well, choosing the right smoking pipe might not be rocket science, but it’s not even a cakewalk as well. There is a long list of factors that goes into choosing the right pipe for you. From the type of smoker you are to the type of tobacco you use, everything plays an important role in choosing the right smoking pipe for you. But to make things easy, we have included a couple of things that you will need to look at while choosing a smoking pipe for yourself or for your friend.

This guide will help you in choosing the right smoking pipe without spending a fortune.

The mechanics of a pipe

One of the first things that you will need to look at while choosing a smoking pipe is its mechanic. If the pipe is not constructed to enhance your smoking experience, then there is no use of buying it. There are many pipes available in the market that might have minuscule flaws in its design, and that will ruin the experience. You might also face trouble cleaning and maintaining it.

But how can a smoking newbie tell whether a pipe is well-made or not? Well, first of all, you will need to check whether all the parts of the Stanwell Pipes are perfectly aligned or not. If it is not aligned perfectly, then it will lead to loud smoking.

Along with this, you will also need to check the fills of the pipe. Fills are basically large holes that contain putty. Don’t go for a varnished finisher because they might bubble out during smoking.

The material of the pipe

When you begin your hunt for the best pipe in the market, you will realize that there are many options, especially when it comes to the material of the pipe. The material of the pipe plays an important role in the smoking experience and that’s why you choose to pick the right one. Here are the three most common materials used for making smoking pipes:-

Briar Wood

Briar is one of the most commonly used materials for making smoking pipes. The pipes made from briar have a long-life, and they are highly breathable as well.

Corn cobs

Cobs are also used for making smoking pipes. People prefer pipes made from corn cobs because they are highly economical.


This material is found in Turkey, and pipes made from it are very expensive in comparison to both briar and corn cobs. Because of its intricate design, it belongs to the premier category of pipes.

The shape of the pipe

After deciding on the material of the pipe, you will have to move on to choosing the right shape of the pipe. There are many smokers that prefer only fat pipes, while others go with more skinny options. Some smokers prefer long stem pipes, while others only choose those pipes that have a shorter stem. And some pick up the shape on the basis of their first encounter. If it looks appealing in the first instance, then they will take it.

There is nothing like an ideal shape of the smoking pipe as each one offers you a unique smoking experience, feel, and look. But while deciding on the shape, you will have to consider the shape of the stem, size of the chamber, and finish of the pipe.

The aesthetics of the pipe

It doesn’t matter how perfectly aligned a pipe is or how good its material is; if it will not suit your style and preference, then there is no fun in buying it. Even if you succeed in buying a perfect pipe, you might stop smoking from it in a month or two just because it doesn’t fit in your style. So, never miss checking whether the Stanwell pipes that you are going to choose are appealing to your not. Its color and its overall look must be chosen wisely, and it should be based only on your personal preference.

Choosing the right pipe is necessary as different pipes offer a different smoking experience. With so many options on the online pipe shop, it becomes necessary to know what are the important things to look at while selecting one and we just made it easy for you.