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You may have read my story last year:

I was impacted by the discrimination so many Muslims feel today. I turned to CAGE and they did not turn me away. The team advised me and put me in contact with the right people to get my story heard but at the same time protect me and my family from the side effects of media attention. I felt empowered knowing that I could expose a system that tried to bully me into accepting being discriminated against and I felt secure knowing that CAGE were with me every step of the way to provide me support. I know I am not the only person they have helped and so many more people walk through their doors every day, some with plights even worse than mine, who cannot get help from anyone else. I have always believed in the work that CAGE do as being a vital service for our community but having received their help first hand I would like to help them by fundraising because I know that by fundraising for CAGE I am not just helping an organisation that is 100% community funded but I am helping all the people who may require their assistance one day. Please donate, to my fundraising page, 100% of the donations will go to CAGE.
Anyone could be put in a similar situation or even worse, but knowing there’s an organisation like CAGE who can be the voice for many and both support and empower us to stand up against these types of discrimination, should deserve to be supported.

“Those who spend their wealth [in Allah ‘s way] by night and by day, secretly and publicly – they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.”

[The Qur’an, Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayah 274]

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Nusaiyba El-Guerbouzi £10.00 January 25, 2018
Fadwa Miezou £10.00 January 24, 2018
Lat Miezou £50.00 January 23, 2018
Anisa Charkaoui £10.00 January 23, 2018
G David £5.00 January 23, 2018
Zayneb Butt £10.00 January 23, 2018
Nabila Ounoufi £10.00 January 22, 2018
Asma Harrak £20.00 January 22, 2018
Sultana Uddin £10.00 January 11, 2018
Karima Serroukh £20.00 January 10, 2018
Hanan Lamrani £30.00 January 10, 2018
N Touzani £10.00 January 10, 2018
Asia Khatun £10.00 January 09, 2018
Latifa Miezou £40.00 January 08, 2018
Fatima AITLHADJ £10.00 January 08, 2018
Cupcakes Cupcakes £20.00 January 08, 2018
Z Bukhari £20.00 January 08, 2018
Doha Suktani £10.00 January 08, 2018
mitha khatun £10.00 January 08, 2018
Shazeda Akthar £10.00 January 08, 2018
Rachida Rachidas £10.00 January 08, 2018
Hanan Cherbika £10.00 January 08, 2018
Wafaa Bolayon £10.00 January 08, 2018
Koutar Mrimou £10.00 January 08, 2018


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