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One of the most alluring sectors in the service industry is probably a career at a restaurant. According to Handy, it may be a very enriching and rewarding experience for you. Moreover, it usually doesn’t require a college degree and as long as you can nail your niche, you can have a promising future. Let’s look at some of the best careers in the restaurant industry:

The Options

  1. Sous Chef – Professionals know that a major part of our cuisine revolves around sauces. However, this is a highly competitive position and demands a lot from you. A good sous chef isn’t just a shining star in the kitchen but also pulls through the job when under pressure. You can also find reputable restaurants with sous chefs who hold a four-year culinary degree from eminent institutions.
  2. Executive Chef – To reach this position you need to go through the drill of several mentors, hone your craft and experience the fast-paced kitchen for many years. A good executive chef doesn’t just know the recipes behind their creations but have incredible command over their skills and use their experience to turn a crisis into a five-star rating. An executive chef is the team leader who doesn’t just run the restaurant but is the restaurant.
  3. Expeditor – Expeditors don’t just read tickets as they come to the counter. They know that a steak takes a longer time to cook than shrimps and thus wouldn’t allow the latter to come before the former. They are great at managing the kitchen and know how to distribute responsibilities. This position is usually taken by the Executive Chef. However, larger restaurants have a dedicated position. If you like the adrenaline rush accompanied by a lot of yelling, hand motions, and clapping, then this is the job for you.
  4. General Manager – GM manages everything outside of the kitchen. The managerial responsibilities include everything from handling menu design and floor plan to handling kitchen supplies, or patrons ordering food and beverages. They are also responsible for hiring the right staff and keep the restaurant running like clockwork. They build a winning team that puts out an excellent show every night and keep their customers coming back for more.
  5. Bartender – You may also prefer “beer-jockey” or “mixologist”. Whatever’s the title you prefer, you know how to handle and take care of people who come to your counter. As a bartender, you also need to know the difference between digestif and aperitif and you know how to make a mean Mai Tai with rum, both dark and light.
  6. Barista – A barista gets their day going with the sound of frothing milk and crushing freshly roasted coffee beans. Today, a cup of coffee is more than a gourmet beverage and a lot of love goes into it. A good barista loves their art and their customers love it even more.


Handy believes that if you want a career in the restaurant industry, then it is better to start early. Look for the mentorship of the best in the industry even if you have to start from the most elementary position. That helps you to develop experience and know the restaurant from a different perspective so that one day you can become an integral part of it or open one of your own.

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