5 Benefits Of Buying Silicone Apple Watch Bands


Many people boast of apple watches and how much they like to wear them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a social media post or someone’s videos; people love to show how they use their apple watches in their daily life. For everyday wear, silicone apple watch bands appear to be the common choice for all sizes and shapes of watches.

Why is this simple watch band so well-liked, then? A silicone band gives a stylish look along with being comfortable and size-inclusive. It is one of the most excellent bands available today. There are other expensive bands out there that boast about their quality, then which out of them should you choose?

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Below are the factors that will help you better understand why you should opt for silicon bands.

Well-Made And Well-Designed

These watch straps have a contemporary look, yet their straightforward design makes them classic. The top surface’s texture offers visual intrigue and a touch of refinement without being overly cluttered or tacky. Additionally, they look fantastic on a variety of watches.

The silicone design also has much to offer from a practical point of view. Keepers frequently slide down when a watch strap is worn, allowing the ends to hang off the band. On the long end of the strap, there is a cut-out of a rectangular shape that slides into a tab within the strap keeper. The keeper can remain in position, and the free end is also held in place by this locking mechanism.

There Is A Watch Strap For Almost All Lug Widths

These bands offer an enormous variety of widths—18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24mm—partially explains their popularity. It doesn’t matter what you own; there are bands for every watch lug. Additionally, each strap tapers by 1 or 2 millimeters (mm) depending on the size, which gives a proportionate appearance even in bigger sizes. There is probably a band for the lug width of your Apple watch unless you have a little watch or something enormous requiring a more specific strap width.

Any Size Wrist Can Wear This Watch Strap

Each strap for silicone Apple watch bands comes with two long-side parts, one that is longer and one that is shorter. These components come in two different lengths.

The standard length comes with a 70mm long short-side strap. These bands included two long-side straps 105mm and 125mm in length, respectively.

In addition, an extended length version of the 20 and 22mm bands is also available to fit wrists with a diameter between 7″ and 9″. This choice comes with two long-side straps, one measuring 125mm and the other 141mm, and an 85mm-long short-side strap.

Incredibly Comfortable Straps

Apple silicone watch bands are incredibly flexible and supple. The smooth underside beautifully hugs the wrist. The top surface’s roughness prevents the band from seeming excessively slippery or rubbery. They are hence very tear-resistant.

Available Colors Are Endless

The remarkable color selection of Apple watches bands is impressive. Different band models provide anywhere close to the same range of options. Many solid band possibilities exist, such as solid black, red, or blue. Others, however, have two colors, one on top and the other on the band’s underside.

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This gives the band a tiny color accent while one wears it. And while these straps are offered in more subdued hues like brown and tan, black and green, and gold, they are also provided in more vibrant hues. For example, a black top with mint green, purple, pink, or yellow beneath. It’s a fantastic way to give your watch strap a splash of color.


These are some benefits of getting silicone watch bands. Consider your preferences and buy the one that best fits your Apple Watch.

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