The Many Uses of Paper Gift Bags


One fine day you decide to spring clean your house. Now you find that you have stocked a mountain of paper gift bags. What do you do? Keep them, give them or reuse them? The last option is the best. Yes, after all the pains you have taken in collecting the paper gift bags, it is not fair to throw them out in one go. Instead, use them to your best advantage by looking at these many uses of paper gift bags.

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Uses of Paper Gift Bags

Paper gift bags can be used to

1. Organize drawers

Messy drawers are a sore sight for the eyes. Use paper gift bags by themselves as holders to stack your socks, handkerchiefs etc.

2. Ripening fruits

If you want to ripen your fruits fast, the trick is to keep them in a paper bag overnight. A plastic bag will not work for this as it locks the moisture causing the fruit to rot. Paper bags are best for ripening apples, avocados, pears, peaches, guavas and bananas.

3. Snack servers

Lounging with friends in front of the TV? Serve popcorn or snacks in paper gift bags. Paper bags are thick and so they keep snacks like popcorn crunchy. Paper bags also save you the labour of washing dishes.

4. Line trash cans

Use used paper gift bags for lining the trash cans. When you toss away the trash, you can just throw it with the bag and be guilt-free as paper is 100% biodegradable!

5. Collect compost

Collect all your kitchen waste in paper bags. When they are ready to compost. Dump them into the compost pit and add the shredded paper bag too. It is totally recyclable!

6. Cleaning windows

Wrap a paper gift bag around your hand and use it to clean windows. Watch the paper bag remove all smudges and streaks making your windows dazzle.

7. Cleaning dust mops

Cobwebs, dust balls and pet hair cling to dust mops for life. Get rid of them by covering the mop head with a paper bag, securing it with a rubber band and give it a nice hake or two. Now remove the paper bag with all the dirt and find your dust mop totally clean!

8. Cleaning artificial flowers

Dust settles on artificial flowers and they are difficult to clean. Put the artificial flowers in a paper bag, add a pinch of table salt and shake well. Open and find your flowers totally clean and dirt-free.

9. Store linen

Us large or medium paper gift bags to store linen. Paper bags keep your laundry fresh. add a fabric softener sheet or pad to keep the linen smelling fresh.

10. Store bread or mushrooms

Keep bread or mushrooms in paper bags to keep them fresh longer. Bread becomes stale when wrapped in plastic bags as they trap moisture. Instead use paper bags to keep bread crust crispy and the insides moist due to the ability of paper to breathe air through its pores. To get more information about business, read out our content

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