How to Make a Fashion Marketing Video for Your Clothing Brand


Customers prefer to buy clothes from brick-and-mortar retail stores after they try them on, feel the fabric, and check the fall and style of the garment. But that’s where online shopping fails. The personal experience from the touch and feel satisfies customers, stops them from initiating returns, and keeps your cash register ringing!

But how do you provide the touch and feel experience to online shoppers? Statistics prove that 73% of customers are sure to buy after watching a video. People usually follow trend videos and follow the trend.

A quality fashion marketing video can thus bridge the gap and encourage customers to buy. But does the thought of making quality videos with your limited budget terrify you? This instructional post guides you to make a stunning fashion marketing video for your clothing brand using a video creator without expanding your budget.

How to Introduce the Clothing Brand?

Today’s generation doesn’t just need clothes to wear. They need a brand that gives them an experience they can share to get recognition. That’s what your brand must offer them if they should become loyal customers.

You must remember that customers already use a brand, and you must have something that can attract them to use yours. Thus you can’t just introduce your brand but must also project a brand identity that resonates with their desire. Ensure that your brand attracts them by making them believe you have a better offer.

Identify your customers depending on the type of clothes and people you wish to target. Work on brand equity to lure your target audience to your brand. Showcase your brand to influence your customers with consistent posts, uploads, and updates. Build your target audience, increase engagement and encourage them to share to grow your followers.

Start with a Script

Now that you know your audience, work on a script that will appeal to and encourage them to share your post with others. When you organize the shoot from the start, you can successfully film a fashion video for your clothesline that looks professional, saving time and money.

The script pulls everything together and ensures the shooting of the entire video without a hitch. Tell a story in a few words to convey the message but not irritate the viewer. It should detail each frame regarding the model and the outfit to display and outline the shots and camera angles. All this will ensure that you waste no time during the shoot.

Continue with a Storyboard

Now that you have it all in writing, you can move it on a storyboard for visual guidance while making the fashion video. The show and don’t tell methodology is also a compelling invitation to stakeholders and collaborators to pool their efforts by enabling them to understand your vision better.

Start by drawing squares on a sheet of paper and fill them up with sketches of each frame. If sketching is complex for you, don’t worry. Use rough sketches like caricatures or stick characters or generate them on the computer.

Put down notes so you don’t miss anything during the shoot and the content for the dialogues or to display on screen during the visual.

The idea is to present them to your team, invite feedback, and incorporate the necessary changes before you begin production. That will help streamline filming and editing and save time and money.

Production Time

What would you want to see if you watched a video showcasing a clothing brand? Ensure that your clothing brand video has all that and more. Check the videos of established clothing brands on social media and use techniques and ideas to better yours.

Hold the audience’s attention, so they watch it till the end. Thus, it needs a compelling first few seconds that stroke the audience’s curiosity to make them return for more, which will get them to visit your website for more posts and videos.

Shoot more than you need so you can use the best frames and discard the rest. Use a video creator to put it together to impact customers’ minds and encourage them to buy from you.

You Need a Website to Market a Clothing Brand

Statistics indicate that online shoppers will increase to 300M by 2023, and 57% will shop for clothes. Thus, clothes brands need a website or social media pages that display their products to make prospective customers imagine themselves in the outfit.

Let your customers see how you started your clothing brand and how you manufacture, pack or transport it to them via marketing videos—using models of different body shapes and sizes to convince the customer that they, too, will look good in the garment irrespective of their body structure and form. Keep updating your website, so visitors find something new and exciting every visit.

Social Media Platforms are Excellent Connects

Communication is a necessary tool to help keep the cash registers ringing for a clothesline brand. Social media platforms are the best communication channels to engage with the audience. Keep up with the trends and tell your customers you have trendy merchandise. And make sure to expand your digital marketing endeavors beyond posting content.

Use it to engage with customers by encouraging them to comment and replying to their comments. Q&As are a successful fashion marketing video technique that draws maximum engagement. Encourage the customer to post a picture or video of themselves wearing your brand to increase your reach without spending money or effort.

YouTube Channel to Promote a Clothing Brand

Fashion brands can reach out to a larger audience on YouTube because there are many viewers on the platform. However, there are several fashion brand channels and videos for people to watch, so targeting the right audience on YouTube is essential. In the initial stages, post videos that will give the viewers an idea of what to expect; at a later stage, you can experiment with a different content type.

Before posting on YouTube, research what your customers expect from you. Connect with the audience by using a video creator to make fashion marketing videos that talk to the audience, reflect the brand’s personality, and are engaging so that the audience will want to share, like, and even subscribe to your channel.


In the past, posts with written content became more attractive to the audience when they accompanied pictures. However, times have changed, and marketers have learned that they can attract more traffic through video marketing. If you are a clothing brand, you need a website, social media platform, and the other tips in this post to propagate your brand through quality fashion marketing videos.

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