Mark Roemer Explains Why Every Homeowner Needs Insurance


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Your home is a major financial investment that you get to make once in a lifetime, or several times if you are lucky enough. According to Mark Roemer, this investment of yours is unfortunately exposed to multiple risks. Everything from accidents and vandalism to liability from injuries and ruthless storms. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should get yourself a homeowner’s insurance:

The Reasons

  1. Your mortgage lender requires it – It isn’t something that is mandated by the state. However, if you are financing your house, you usually need homeowner’s insurance. It protects your mortgage lender’s investment against risks like vandalism or fires. Your mortgage also dictates the minimum amount of homeowner’s coverage you should have in place. If your home isn’t adequately covered, your lender will buy a homeowner’s policy for you and add it to the mortgage. To avoid that and keep the purchase decision in your hands, you should get homeowner’s insurance.
  2. It protects your property from hazards – Your home, along with its several unattached structures may suffer from a lot of damage from high-speed wind brought by tornadoes or hurricanes. Your expensive outdoor and indoor electronic circuitry may also get devastated due to thunderstorms. Even if nature is kind on you, your fellow humans may not be, and you may be the victim of vandalism. When you incur such damages, your homeowner’s insurance policy comes to the rescue and shields you from a major financial loss.
  3. You are covered from liability – Most homeowner’s policies come with family liability insurance. This covers you, in case you get sued by someone who suffered from an injury in your property. Your mailman slipping on your walkway isn’t the only injury that may happen in your property. You may also be held legally responsible if the neighbor’s kid slips on the deck as he decides to take an unsupervised dip in your pool.
  4. Your personal belongings are protected – Furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, and a lot more personal belongings may get stolen or destroyed during a hazard. Moreover, with the right policy, your stuff isn’t just protected in your home, but also in storage, with your child at school, in your car, and a lot of other places. Imagine that your laptop and a new expensive phone gets stolen from your car while you are working out at the gym. With the right homeowner’s policy, you get the peace of mind of recovering the cost of that loss. To discover more about how to safeguard your possessions, visit this website:
  5. You may get temporary housing – If your house gets damaged and inhabitable after a massive flood, fire, or unprecedented hailstorm, then your homeowners’ policy may become the greatest purchase you have ever made. Your policy may help to pay for temporary living costs as your house gets rebuilt. Moreover, this is usually pretty standard with most home insurance policies.


Mark Roemer believes that you should get your home covered with insurance as soon as possible. The small annual cost that averages around hundreds of dollars may save you from thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in the future. Our website provide a very useful information about career, marketing and an online business. Click here to see articles.

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