Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Is Obsessed With Photography


Modi’s passion for photography was drowned out, and the Indian PM’s ridiculous photoshoot with ducks and peacocks was widely discussed on the internet.

The Indians pulled Modi Ji well, aiming at him. “Modi Ji’s peacock” has been a popular trend on the internet in India in recent days.

The Prime Minister of India is taking pictures like an expert photographer, he is sitting in a pile of books, newspapers, flowers, ducks, and peacocks.

But the theft of Modi Ji was caught, the Indians pulled Modi Ji well for his special performance for the camera, they targeted him. Modi’s peacock became a popular trend.

A gentleman imitated Modi Ji, someone asked why he is wearing such a heavy lens ???

So the other joked that this is what happens to most boys after buying a DSLR camera.

A gentleman said that the poor people of India are seeking attention and the rulers are throwing seeds at Moore.

Someone compared the pictures of Modi with the lion to Indira Gandhi.

An Indian citizen commented that just check the condition of this person, is this his strategy to get the country out of the Corona Challenge? So, after adopting the policy of social distance, these are the engagements of Modi Ji.

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