How Dislikes Can Help Your Video to Become Popular on YouTube


Why would anyone ever want to receive dislikes for their content? For some account holders, cheap YouTube dislikes have no value. It may sound surprising, but services that provide paid dislikes are quite wanted. A dislike is a button that is being clicked if a person did not like the content. Let’s talk about who needs negative valuation for their videos.

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Who orders dislikes for Youtube videos?

Let’s talk about three main reasons why would you consider ordering negative characterizations for your creations:

  1. Hype. Dislikes are attracting attention for the video and the author. If you want to create hype and get additional views, many dislikes can help you to reach this goal. Regular users will always be interested in the reason why this particular video has so many dislikes. And this may sound surprising, but some of them will watch the video till the very last second. If a YouTuber wants to draw the audience’s attention to the content, they order negative evaluations and even toxic comments.
  2. Competition. If two channels want to become popular, they can create artificial or real war. They will upload videos about each other’s channels in an attempt to sabotage their reputation. If we are talking about artificial wars, in most cases they collaborate to get views but if their subscribers unveil the truth it is most likely that this channel is dead. So may force their subs to dislike video on their opponent’s channel to disrupt their popularity. This method can be called «dirty competition».
  3. Contest or bet. Some YouTubers will create a contest that can get the most dislikes on a video. Such videos are promoted to get as many viewers as possible. This method of grabbing attention works almost all the time. Of course, contestants will use any means to achieve victory – even if they need to buy cheap youtube dislikes.

It has been noted that negative evaluations draw more attention than positive likes. It happens because of curiosity. If a video has 100 likes and 10 dislikes it is no big deal. But if a video has 10000 dislikes and only 1000 likes, this simple fact will draw the attention of the audience. This is strange, but the more dislikes a video has the more views it could get. Sometimes a channel holder will deliberately alter the statistics to get the views for a particular video.

What should you know before getting dislikes for your video?

Despite the statistics, your video should meet the requirements of the site. There should be no inappropriate content that is prohibited by Youtube Terms and Conditions. The viewer’s count makes the video relevant – dislikes won’t raise the recommendation number. You still have to upload high-quality content in high resolution so people will watch the video. If you decide to buy dislikes for a youtube video, this kind of service could be exploited as a promotion tool.

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Do not forget that the video should attract subscribers. And the audience will stay only after you present good content.

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